The League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions




What is the League of MN Human Rights Commissions (LMHRC)?

What is the League's Purpose?

How is the League Managed?

Why do we have Human Rights Commissions?

What is the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions?

The League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions, founded in 1972 and reorganized in 1987, is a coalition of local human-rights commissions  that have been established by charter or ordinance in communities throughout Minnesota. While its member commissions are public organizations, the league is a private, nongovernmental organization with 501(c)(3) classification under the IRS code. Grants and gifts to the league are tax deductible.

The league is the only private, state-wide agency concerned with fighting all forms of illegal discrimination, and with enhancing the rights of all groups of people defined under the Minnesota Human Rights Law (MS 363).

What is the League's Purpose? (top)

The league shall assist county and municipal human rights/relations commissions in Minnesota to carry out the purposes of the ordinances or resolution pursuant to which they were established, and interact with all divisions of the state and other agencies involved in the area of human rights and relations.

Other purposes include:

  • To encourage and assist the development of new human-rights commissions in cities and counties throughout the state.
  • To help increase the expertise and involvement level of human-rights commissioners in their communities.
  • To monitor, improve and promote the use of the no-fault grievance resolution process for resolving human rights disputes on the local level.
  • To gather information and publications involving human rights in Minnesota, especially touching on local opportunities and activities.
  • To circulate news of human rights happenings regularly to interested parties throughout the state.
  • To develop educational materials on human rights, especially on the Minnesota Human Rights Act for local commissions to use in their schools and communities.
  • To develop models for local human rights observances, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Cinco de Mayo, American Indian Month, Black History Month, Asian celebrations, and other such activities.
  • To conduct workshops and conferences to assist and inform city and county officials and others who are concerned about enhancing the rights of all in their communities.
  • To co-operate with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights in efforts to enhance human rights in Minnesota.

How is the League Managed? (top)

The business of the league is managed by a board of directors, whose members are elected at the annual meeting in the fall of the year. District directors serve two-year terms, and directors-at-large serve one-year terms. There are 13 districts of the league.

The principal officers of the league are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom are elected by the board of directors at the first business meeting for a term of one year. The league meets monthly in cities of member commissions.

For additional information contact:

League of Minnesota Human Rights Commissions
4100 Lakeview Avenue
Robbinsdale, MN 55422
Telephone: 763.535.1051

Why do we have Human Rights Commissions? (top)

"From the genesis of humanity up to the present, the issue of human rights has been the focal point of civilization for the reason that the rights of humans are violated by those who choose to influence power and supremacy over others.

In the course of history, poets, writers, and speakers have given awareness messages and declarations to enunciate that human rights should be protected. Likewise, for the well-being of citizens in each community commisisons are put together to ensure all are treated equally with common interests - with no difference to what Adam Smith said many years ago: "It is usually by pursuing our interests with due consideration to the interest of others that we contribute most to the common well-being." -- Dr. Leo Parvis, Chaska Human Rights Commissioner

In order to accomplish the mission, the activities of the League of Minnesota Human Rights Commission shall focus on the following areas:

  1. Educating the community on the issues of discrimination and cultural diversity; and
  2. Periodically assessing the extent to which the human rights of the citzens of Minnesota are adequately and satisfactorily protected and recommending necessary action(s).